In 1981; Luke the Spook and his syndicate of Smoes embarked on their greatest scheme yet; the Second Battle of Midway.
752px-Puget Sound mothballed carriers 1948

Luke's fleet prepares to leave for Midway.

After the Second World War; Luke bought up all the vessels (Excluding the Enterprise) and placed them in a private wharf in the Fore River Shipyard. They remained there until he formed the ASmoeciation in 1963. He had the ships towed to the now-derelict Orlando Grove mini-port in KoopaTown. On February 3 1981; Luke the Spook and the fleet set off for Midway.
USS Kilroy Heading For Midway

The USS Kilroy CV-90 (The only completed vessel of it's class completed at the time) steams at full speed to defend Midway.

The USS Kilroy CV-90 was deployed on her first ever battle; to defend Midway after special agents learned of Luke's plans. The ship is later joined by the Nimitz class nuclear fusion-powered carriers and various museum ships that were pulled into battle once again. At 05:03 AM on February 4 1981; the ASmoeciation Fleet arrived at Midway; and almost immediately began pouding the island. The Kilroy opens fire with her main guns; scoring hits on the HMS Hood; setting her off like fireworks. The USS Washington then opens fire on the Kilroy in an attempt to sink her; but the shells just bounce off the secret armor that makes the Kilroy virtually indestructable. She then opens fire with all starboard guns; sinking the Washington and 3 destroyers that were behind her. The HIJMS Hiryu then launches an air raid against the island while her main armament attempts to sink the defending ships. The Salem fires a salvo at the Hiryu; breaching her armor. The carrier then sinks stern first. The carrier Shokaku takes over; but is sunk by the submarine Cavalla. The USS Midway CV-41 steps in to save the island whom she and her class of vessel was named for. The Midway sinks the carriers Junyo and Hiyo; and the cruiser Chokai. The USS Massachussetts fires and sinks the battleship Tirpitz; and a destroyer. 4 hours into the battle and a quarter of the island was on fire; but Luke's fleet was nearly half sunk. The Kilroy sank the carriers Lexington CV-2 and the Wasp CV-7. The Yorktown CV-10 sank the Yorktown CV-5; Hornet CV-8; and the battleship Fuso. The battleship Musashi was cripped by shells fired from the battleship Missouri. She later sank after the Massachussetts gave her a few parting shots. The Massachusetts later sank the carrier Kaga and he cruiser Chikuma.