Operation Atomic Revenge was Luke the Spook's first major attempted crime.


The plans.


Luke the Spook was imprisoned in the KoopaTown Crime Museum; as a "living exhibit" in the vandalism section. He escaped from the museum and flew back to Spooktown (Orlando Grove Neighborhood). Meanwhile; the police learned of his escape and plastered wanted posters for him all over town. The next morning; the KoopaTown Mayor (Morton) took his gang down to the KoopaTown Aquarium; but the trip was cut short after he discovered a wanted poster for Luke the Spook attached to one of the display tank walls. He and the gang immediately set off for Spooktown to catch him. Upon arriving at Spooktown; the gang caught sight of a newly constructed power station and a whole string of new factories. The gang went through the main entrance of the power plant while Morton snuck in through the back. Morton was accompanied by a member of the gang; and they both snuck through the plant. On their way; they discovered a nuclear fusion bomb casing in one of the turbine halls. Morton and his partner were both shocked and puzzled at the same time. Meanwhile; Luke showed his face in front of the rest of the gang; insulting them. One of the gang members managed to throw a punch and knock Luke to the ground. He recovered and flew out the window. He was then attacked by a Special Agent in a small plane firing Super-Shallack. The agent had to break off as Kilroy Fighters arrived to defend Luke. That night;

Luke the Spook and his Smoes stealing a nuclear fusion bomb from the Oppenheimer Research Facility.

Luke the Spook and a trio of Smoes snuck into the Oppenheimer Research Facility and stole $500,000 worth of non-radioactive nuclear fusion producing Plutonium and Uranium; including two bomb casings. He flew the parts to Spooktown; within sight of Morton and his gang; landed the parts at the remains of a derelict power station. Two bomb casings resembling the Fat Man and Little Boy bombs were unloaded and primed out of site. The bombs were loaded into a B-58 Hustler and a B-47 Stratojet; and took off from an abandoned airfield. Halfway to Mount Kilroy; Morton hit the button on a secret weapon; arming the bombs and forcing the air crews to bail. 45 seconds after Luke and his minions bailed out; the two planes exploded into huge fireballs. Luke and his minions were arrested and imprisoned afterwards; restoring peace to the KoopaTown and Mount Kilroy.