Operation Meltdown was one of Luke the Spook's biggest crimes ; where he burns down an entire city.


Luke the Spook escapes custody and meets up with the Smoes in Spooktown. Luke explains that he wants to do some real damage; and the Smoes starting suggesting ideas. Luke gets an idea; and explains that his next bad deed is to burn down an entire city. He chooses Pykrete City; a place he vandalized years back. Only this time; he plans to destroy it. Pykrete City is what it's name says; it is made entirely from Pykrete. The buildings are kept frozen by large fans; and each fan is powered by cables coming from the local power station. The power station is the only building in town that's not built from Pykrete; and is the only thing that powers the fans. The city is inhabited only by Smoes ; but they are not loyal to The ASmoeciation. Luke knows that as long as the Pykrete is kept frozen it won't melt. He plans that if he can disable the power plant; the Pykrete will be easy to destroy. Luke and the Smoes observe the power station before advancing; then they storm the building; driving the workers out. Afterwards; Luke the Spook blows up the power station. The freezers stop working; but the Pykrete does what it was designed to do: it doesn't melt. But now it's vulnerable to extreme heat. Luke gathers an army of Smoes armed with flamethrowers to burn down the city. The residents know what's going to happen next; and flee the city. Luke the Spook and the Smoes set fire to the city; melting the the weakened Pykrete. In just an hour and a half; the entire city is ablaze.

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