OC Morton Koopa Jr.

Morton Koopa Jr. (OC) is the main character of the Koopaling Fan Fiction Series The Koopa Pack.


Morton is generally friendly; but is vicious when threatened by enemies and sometimes his own friends. He considers himself as a leader of the free world; and is very protective of his allied countries and nations. Morton made it clear that his historic country is to remain the way it is; and that no building may be demolished by any means. He never acts stupid; makes mistakes or does anything to break his own laws. He is friendly to everyone; unless they are the oppisite to him.

Morton getting fishing lessons from his father; Bowser.


Morton is the favorite son of Bowser; as he is the oldest. 

His closest sibling is Ludwig Von Koopa (OC); and the two are never seen apart. 


Morton and Ludwig together.

He loves to take the gang on trips to famous landmarks. His favorite spots are Marineland and Beacon Hill

He has a personal hatred for everything modern. 

Morton's favorite mode of transport is an old cattle truck handed down to him by his father.

Whenever Luke escapes from prison; Morton is there to stop him.
Heat on the Street

Morton and Ludwig chasing Luke through KoopaTown.

He is a lighthouse caretaker for Trinity House. 

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