"No prison can hold me!!!": Luke the Spook: Tales of the Gray Ghost Series.

Luke the Spook
Luke the Spook
Luke the Spook.


Luke the Spook




Kilroy/ Ghost



Closest sibling

Flywheel (Formerly)


Spooktown(Formerly Orlando Grove)


Criminal; Leader of The Luke Mob


Wog; Wuzak; The Moth; Grey Ghost; Luko Spooko; Lukey Spooky; Spooky; The Spook; The Galloping Ghost; The Lucky Ghost; The Big E; the Lucky E


"Oh this is not gonna end well!"; "Tosser!"

Luke the Spook is the sibling of the world famous Kilroy; one of his many siblings. He is the roughest member of the family, and enjoys causing mass panic and destruction. He's known for vandalizing a major historic area of KoopaTown; Mount Kilroy; and KoopaTown itself . He speaks with an English accent rather than an American accent. In 1963; he formed the ASmoeciation. Luke has the 2nd longest antenna behind his twin brother Flywheel.

Early LifeEdit

Luke the Spook started Second World War. He attacked KoopaTown and Mount Kilroy; and the rest of the Koopa Kingdom. Luke ultimately lost the war; and surrendered to avoid going to jail. 

Life of CrimeEdit

After the 2nd World War; Luke the Spook started his criminal ways from a very young age; beginning with littering. Later on he began scribbling on walls and buildings. He was reported for road rage about 32 times in 1957; eventually losing his license. He renewed his license 3 months later; and was back at the wheel. Road rage lead to vandalism in 1962; where he went around Mount Kilroy and scribbled offensive things all over town. He was never caught. In March 1963; he gathered a large army of Smoes and formed the infamous Luke Mob; sending panic through the Mount Kilroy law enforcements.  

Destruction of Orlando Grove 1963Edit

In May 1963, just 2 months after forming The ASmoeciation; Luke the Spook came to the "super city" of KoopaTown; where he planned to go into the neighborhoods to cause trouble. He came across the seaside neighborhood of Orlando Grove first; and decided to take over the enitre place instead of vandalize it. He chased the people out of their homes and vandalized them. The spree lasted for 5 days; when the power station shut down and the neighborhood abandoned. The residents moved into the city center and never returned to Orlando Grove. For 17 years; the area has been abandoned; and has offically been designated a National Historic Ruin.

KoopaTown Vandalism 1964Edit

Luke the Spook brought his acts of vandalism to the rest of KoopaTown; targeting the town hall; police stations; courthouse; stadium; and the city's landmark 400 story nuclear fusion power station; as well as many neighborhoods and the CBD. He was caught and charged with cleaning the town and the marks he made. He vandalized the KoopaTown Aquarium in 1977.

Heavy crimesEdit

Luke the Spook is known for various high crimes; including an attempt to drop atomic fusion bombs on Mount Kilroy; land grabbing; piracy; hostile take-over and kidnapping. All these attempts were foiled by Morton and his group friends and siblings.

Prison escapesEdit

As of 2012; Luke the Spook has escaped from prison 20 times; and is currently still at large. The KoopaTown Police is offering a $5,000,000 reward for his capture.

As of November 16 2012; Luke the Spook has been recaptured after frantic efforts by local citizens to nail the spook. The location of where he's imprisoned is classified.

Image GalleryEdit

These are images from Luke the Spook's many schemes. 


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Quotes of Luke the SpookEdit


"Well, Morton !"

"Yeah, you're right; and I ain't going for it!

"Why do you want to look at fish!? It's so boring!"

"What's my brother doing here!?"

"Man, the news is boring!"

"No prison can hold me!"

"You'll never take me alive, coppers!"

"You love the aquarium so much; why don't you be part of it!?"

"Graffiti is my strongpoint!"

"Can it you little tosser!"

"He does have a point."

"Oh this is not gonna end well!"

"Tonight; I escape!"

"Didn't expect to see me again!?"

"Oh fiddlesticks!"

"I'M BACK!!!!"

"Now, now; can't we settle this like men!?"

"Man; where did you learn those moves!?"

"The Oceanarium is mine!"

"Up here morons!"

"I'll be back! And when I do; you're gonna wish you'd left me alone!"

"Whoa! Check out that story!"

"Smoe ! We're gonna escape! Follow my lead!"

"That is no concern of yours !"

"Well Morton . Long time, no see."

"If you fail; I'll be sitting around a campfire eating delicious hot Smoes!"

"Come to defend your hangout, heh!?"

"It's simple: I have what you want; and your friend has something I want."

"Take a hike Morton! Nobody's ruining my plans for this place!"  

Catch PhraseEdit

Luke the Spook's most famous catch phrase is; "Oh this is not gonna end well!"



Luke the Spook in real life.