Kilroy-Class Aircraft Carrier
USS Midway
USS Kilroy CV-90


Mount Kilroy Naval Shipyard; KoopaTown Naval Shipyard


United States of America; Royal Australian Navy; Royal Canadian Navy; Her Majesty's Royal Navy

Preceded by:

Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier

Succeeded by:



7: 4 Complete; 3 under construction



In Commission:


General Specifications


94,000 tons


1,312.32 ft (400 m)


278 ft (84.7344 m)


52 ft (15.8496 m)


Bio-fuel driven turbines. 573,000 shp.

Max speed:

50+ knots


150x 4-barrel AA guns: 200x twin-barrel AA guns: 6x 50 inch Main battery guns.



Aircraft carried:

(To date) 2,500 planes and helicopters

The Kilroy Class Aircraft Carrier is a new generation of supercarrier; the largest ever built. It is also the cleanest; as all 4 planned vessels will be running off bio-fuels. Kilroy himself proposed the construction of 4 Kilroy class boats to fit the Navy's requirements. When the Nimitz-Class nuclear-fusion powered aircraft carriers entered service; there were some saftey risks involved with its operation. Nuclear fusion was new; and it had not properly been tested yet; as it was rushed into service.


USS Kilroy keel laid

The keel of the USS Kilroy laid down in the Mount Kilroy Naval Shipyard; circa 1975.

Construction of the Kilroy-Class carriers started in 1975; a few days before the USS Nimitz was to be commissioned. By 1977; the ship was completed and launched; with Kilroy at the helm. By 1978; the ship was ready for commissioning. Kilroy himself christined the ship on March 15 1978; and gave command of the ship to his second-eldest brother: Herman S. Kilroy. On her shakedown cruise prior to commissioning; The Kilroy underwent aircraft take-off and landing trials; as pilots needed to practice landing on the massive ship. The ship also underwent fire-trials; training her crew to use the main guns and AA artillery.

Commissioning of the Kilroy+ Service HistoryEdit

On March 15 1978; the USS Kilroy was commissioned at the Mount Kilroy Naval Base by Kilroy and his brother; Herman. She was then deployed to the Trans-Antlantic Fleet on her first sortie. As the years and wars went by; the Kilroy received major upgrades and conversions; making her look like a whole different vessel each time.

USS Luke the Spook CV-91 Edit

The USS Luke the Spook was commissioned in 1984. Her home base is Mount Kilroy; as of all the currently commissioned ships.

Recently Commissioned Ships.Edit

On September 24 2012; the USS Flywheel CV-92 and USS Smoe CV-93 rolled out the shipyard and were towed to the Mount Kilroy Naval Base; where Kilroy commissioned the 2 new ships into service.

Ships under constructionEdit

4 more ships have been ordered: One by the US Navy; one by the Royal Canadian Navy; one by the Royal Navy; and the other by Australia. The 4 news ships will be the USS Overby CV-94; HMS Chad CV-95; HMAS Foo CV-96; and HMCS Clem CV-97. The 4 ships are currently under construction.

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