The 1980's in Mount Kilroy saw the largest uprising of preservationists in the world. When a friend/enemy of the mayor of KoopaTown bought up all the active power stations in Mount Kilroy; it started a fact-finding mission. The info found from this fact-finding mission told that this individual wanted to tear down the power stations to build fashion-related properties. The Citizens of Mount Kilroy got together and formed the biggest uprising of history preservationists. Kilroy and his brothers (excluding Luke the Spook ); and supported by the United Smoes Organization "USO". They learned of the individual's fear of Kilroys; and decided that scribbling the famous Kilroy was here all over the power stations was a good way of scaring the individual off. Here are photos of the preservation efforts. "Please note that in real life that all these power stations have been pulled down."

The move was successful; and the power stations were spared. On the day of demolition, one by one; the power stations came back on line in sync.