An early view of a Ghost



Notable relatives and Individuals

Luke the Spook; Flywheel; Overby (Kilroy's only Ghost brother)


Spooktown (Formerly Orlando Grove) Mount Kilroy, KoopaTown.


Criminals (Some Ghosts) Security and bodyguards; power plant workers and engineers; naval sailors and soldiers.

Ghosts are a specie of Kilroy known as "Kilroy Ghosts" or "Moths". They're closest relatives are Luke the Spook and Flywheel (Although Luke and Flywheel are not Ghosts). After Luke the Spook began his life of crime; a large group of Ghosts joined him; and formed The Luke Mob . Not all the Ghosts went that way. The rest that didn't join signed up for the army or the Navy. Others took up other jobs. Unlike Luke the Spook who's gray; and Flywheel who's blue; Ghosts are white in color, and have a purple shading; but look exactly the same as Luke and Flywheel. You can distinguish a Ghost from Luke and Flywheel by their color. 

Self Defence

Ghosts are usually armed with B.A.Rs ; and sometimes a variety of different weapons. 


A ghost can be seen in the right hand corner of the photo.

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