Barrage Balloons are a Kilroy designed defensive weapon used to protect things from and scare enemies. These Luke the Spook-shaped balloons are spooky enough to scare even the bravest person. They were created before WWII.

Uses Edit

After the war; the balloons were aquired for civil use. Mount Kilroy sees mass use of these loco balloons; as well as the neighboring KoopaTown. In KoopaTown; the balloons are mostly used to defend power stations from enemies and green activists (The wuzaks don't realized that every power station in KoopaTown and Mount Kilroy are powered by Bio-coal; a man-made coal that gives off no Co2; and is renewable). One famous use of these balloons in Mount Kilroy were to protect the landmark Hazelwood Power Station from green activists. The activists demanded the plant be shut down and replace by a wind farm. During the protest; the plant workers (All Smoes) were so frightened that they locked themselves inside the power station; fearing for their career and their life. Kilroy called in Special Agents to stop the protest; and all the activists were arrested. Later on; Kilroy flew barrage balloons around the power station. A second protest by green activists was made; but they were scared off by the barrage balloons.